Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preliminary feedback from this year's Global Intranet Strategies survey

Participating in Jane McConnell's annual Global Intranet Strategies survey is rewarding in so many ways. Its wonderful to know that you are contributing to a survey that each year provides a valuable snapshot of Intranet trends, developments and strategies from across the globe.
The biggest rewarded comes when participants receive a complimentary copy of the report.

The annual report is an essential reference tool for any Intranet Manager in any sized organisation and I look forward to receiving my copy every year.

There is still time for Intranet Managers to participate in this years survey. You have until the end of August 2010. The more participants, the more useful the data so sign up for the 2010 - 2011 survey today.

Jane has this year provided participants with some preliminary observations from the responses received so far. Please Note that these figures are provisional but definately give you an idea of the valuable information this wonderful survey provides.

Strategy drivers for the intranet are shifting a little
Communication has become even higher as a strategy driver for the intranet: 92% consider it a primary driver compared to 87% last year. Appeal for the new work force has dropped significantly from 17% last year to only 9 % this year.

Collaboration is still in "middle land"
  • Over 30% say "Collaboration spaces are available from the intranet via 1 or more links, but are not well-integrated."
  • Just under 20% say "Collaborative spaces are well-integrated throughout the intranet in different, relevant sections."
  • Around 5 % say "We consider the entire intranet to be "collaborative" and do not make a distinction."
Overall, the use of social media internally is about the same as last year, hovering around 70%.
However, this year we asked you to indicate how many years you've used social media internally. The figures break down fairly evenly from "less than 1 year" up to "3 or 4 years". Percentages range from 17% to 30 % for each segment. 8% responded 5 years or longer! In the final report we will be looking closely at the difference between the early adopters and more recent adopters in terms of results, strategies, experiences and measurement.

Silos exist in the very places where they should not!
75 % of the organizations say "Our employee support functions sometimes work as silos. (HR, Communication, IT, etc.)". This figure is 25 percentage points higher than the other options: collaborative silos, geographical/language silos and value chain silos (logistics, R&D, sales & marketing, etc.). This was a new question in 2010. We will see how it evolves in 2011.

Involvement of senior management in the intranet
Nearly every participant responded to this open text question, so there'll be lots of verbatim in the final report.

If you found the above as interesting and relevant to your Intranet as I do you should definately sign up for the 2010 - 2011 survey today while there is still time.

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