Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do we need to be in the game? Another feature of SharePoint 2013

Apart from the things we already know about SharePoint 2013, like the fancy new Team Site templates, the micro blogging type social functions and the widely talked about App Store. They have also incorporated some Gamification features.
They have introduced a new site template, the Community Site template. This new type of site provides a forum like experience in the SharePoint environment.
As well as the normal type of forum activities like starting and participating in discussions, the community members receive Reputation Points for posting, replying, and receiving likes and best answers.

You can receive two types of badges:

Achieved - Gained by your community participation activities
Gifted - Awarded by other community members

Each members reputation status is displayed in their personal profile.

Example of a Community site graphically showing members reputations

Another view showing Community Members reputation scores.
It remains to be seen how well this feature is embraced by those who roll out SharePoint 2013.

If you would like to know more about Gamification in the Intranet environment and also read some interesting comments from some expert Intranet professionals, check out this excellent post on Intranetizen, What do you want, a medal? Gamification on the Intranet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Participate in the Digital Workplace Trends 2013 survey and get a free copy of the report.

The fabulous Jane McConnell's Digital Workplace Trends survey for 2013 on once again. Jane's survey is now in its seventh year and is consistently the largest and most extensive study of Intranets and the Digital Workplace undertaken annually.

The annual report that result from the survey is an invaluable reference tool for all Intranet Managers. Its provides analysis of digital workplace trends, strategy and governance from over 160 organisations world wide. I have always found immense value in participating in the survey each year as it provides a change to reflect on your organisations direction and strategy and as a bonus, your participation results in a free copy of the report.
If you are an Intranet Manager in any sized organisation and would like to participate in the Digital Workplace Trends 2013 survey sign up to participate right now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Sites Looking Purdy in SharePoint 2013

OK, I know I have been very tardy with the blogging. No posts since September last year. I have been very busy in the last 12 months with my focus only on work but I have recently been asked when I am going to get back to the blog and here I am. Peer pressure is a very powerful influencer :)

My first post after hiatus is about SharePoint 2013. Currently SharePoint 2013 is only available for developers and I believe the plan is to release it with the next version of Office however I received some impressive screenshots of personalised Team Sites from a colleague and thought many of you may be interested in having a look. If you are use to the look of Team Sites in MOSS or SharePoint 2010 you will appreciate the difference. I know many of my users who manage their individual Team Sites will.