Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Sites Looking Purdy in SharePoint 2013

OK, I know I have been very tardy with the blogging. No posts since September last year. I have been very busy in the last 12 months with my focus only on work but I have recently been asked when I am going to get back to the blog and here I am. Peer pressure is a very powerful influencer :)

My first post after hiatus is about SharePoint 2013. Currently SharePoint 2013 is only available for developers and I believe the plan is to release it with the next version of Office however I received some impressive screenshots of personalised Team Sites from a colleague and thought many of you may be interested in having a look. If you are use to the look of Team Sites in MOSS or SharePoint 2010 you will appreciate the difference. I know many of my users who manage their individual Team Sites will.

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James Dellow said...

The SharePoint 2013 preview comes with some standard team site theme templates that you can apply as is or tweak. You can upload your own background and also edit the colours and fonts used. Two slightly different layouts are also available.