Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Intranets are falling behind what people really need

Many of you may recognize the name Jane McConnell. She is the marvelous lady who puts together the Global Intranet Trends report each year and also the author of the Globally Local - Locally Global Intranet blog. I have participated in the last two Global Intranet & Portal Strategies Surveys that helps Jane gather the data needed to put together this fabulously useful report. I would recommend to any Intranet Professional that you register to take part in the survey each year and as a reward for your participation you will receive a copy of the report.

The Global Intranet Report is an invaluable source of data and trend information from Intranets around the world that will help you put together business cases and strategies to move your Intranet forward.

The below video is an Interview with Jane after speaking at the Copenhagen IntraTeam event held in March this year. In it she speaks about some of the conclusions that are included in the 2009 Global Intranet Trend Report.

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