Thursday, March 4, 2010

Intrateam 2010 - Conference day one summary as viewed via Twitter

Intrateam 2010 is an International Conference about Intranet and Enterprise 2.0 currently taking place in Copenhagen. This event is THE place to be if your are interested in the future direction of Intranets and the people who use and manage them. International Intranet thought leaders like James Robertson, Jane McConnell, Michael Sampson, Mark Morrell and Martin White have been wowing delegates with their extensive knowledge and thought provoking presentations on day one. Needless to say I am green with envy at all who have had the opportunity to attend this gathering of Intranet gurus.

Now those of you who regularly use twitter to follow information on Intranets would have no doubt seen tweets from conference attendees in the past. I have never really been a huge fan of this practice. The tweeted comments on presentations usually lack context and seldom provide any value for people on the outside looking in. But that was before I started following the #IE10 comments posted from Intrateam 2010.

Following event proceedings last night from my home in Sydney was just fantastic. The tweets from #IE10 were gems of information. Thought provoking questions, insightful observations and valuable advise were coming thick and fast in less than 140 characters. I am now convinced that provided the person tweeting from the event has the ability to communicate key points and not just a stream of topics, following conference presentations on Twitter can be an entertaining and informative experience.

Here are some of the tweets from 4 of the English sessions on day one.

Future Intranet for New Ways of Working - Jane McConnell, Intranet and Portal Specialist
(Jane presented some of the key results from her Global Intranet Trends 2010 report)

Building the Best Practice Intranet - Andrew Wright, Managing Director, CIBA Solutions and Stephan Schillerwein, infocentric research

How Newsdesk helped Shell save $5 million - by Rossen Roussev, former Shell Enterprise Portal manager
  • Shell saved $15m on a budget that was 10% of that amount.#IE10
  • Shell portal rolled out to 142k people in 142 countries #IE10
  • Few users will personalise - most want content profiled for them #IE10
  • Use words and phrases that help management achieve their business objectives. Rossen Roussev Shell #IE10
  • More important than the (impressive) number of $ saved by shell's intranet was that it was done in a way that management bought into #IE10
  • shell's savings came from overlapping media contracts being stopped #IE10
  • Comms people were creating a lot of newsletters round the world. Replaced by centrally Newsdesk. Rossen Roussev Shell #IE10
  • Contracts rationalization 73 contracts identified USD 17 million a year replaced by internal newsfeed Rossen Roussev Shell #IE10
  • Think about your organisation. Value and perception. Walk and talk. Rossen Roussev Shell #IE10
  • Don't explain to management how great the intranet is. They don't care. It's all about value and perception. Rossen Roussev, Shell#IE10
  • "Get out there, talk to people, do your homework!" Rossen Roussev, Shell #IE10
    (PR - Loved this snipit - sometimes feel like shouting it at people)

Is your Intranet Ready for 2012? - Martin White, Intranet Focus Ltd
  • Try to type "confidential" in your search box on the intranet. Scared? Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
    (PR-Tried this morning. Not as bad as I first feared it may be)
  • Abandon hope for those enter here. Is that then welcome message on your intranet? Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Information is not seen as a business asset. Why not? Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • You can't be an intranet manger for the rest of your life, you'll go insane! Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Security gets blamed for everything. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • The intranet is NOT an IT system The intranet is the only IT-system not having a specific purpose. Challenge? Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Be more specific when asking about what employees do? Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • The value of your information is the sum of all salaries in the company and you are failing to manage it! Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Collaboration technology gets rolled out without specifying collaboration requirements and goals. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Not many had made the requirements BEFORE installing collaboration tools. Not done with many other things! Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • Challenger launch decision. Good book about collaboration according to Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • We share information because we trust each other. Break trust and collaboration breaks. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • What is the career path for intranet managers? (We can't do the one job for the next 20 years) @s2d_jamesr #IE10
  • We focus on the media not the social. A social media guide does not make it social. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • The biggest intranet challenge is where they bump up to ERP. Millions invested in ERP. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10
  • The future intranet has to be independent on location, language, department and technology. Martin White @IntranetFocus #IE10

I plan on following the #IE10 tweets from day two of this event tonight and am looking forward to another sessions from Jane McConnell, Step Two's James Robertson, Mark Morrell from British Telecom and Collaboration guru Michael Sampson. Does it really get any better than this?
If this event is on again next year I am going to pull out all stops to attend. Just the conversations during breaks would be well worth the price of the airfare from Australia.


Kurt Kragh Sørensen said...

Thanks for collecting all the tweets from IntraTeam Event.

Next years event will be March 1, 2 and 3.

Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen :-)

@IntraTeam and @KurtKragh

Kurt Kragh Sørensen said...

More blog posts about the event here:

Ole Kassow said...

Great post and it only goes to prove that Twitter is quickly becoming the perfect way to measure the temperature and mood of almost any event. I was in the Novozymes conference presentation (really cool btw) having my Twitter open on my iPhone when someone in the same room had just posted a tweet with a picture of the presenter and the presentation screen. I was then able to identify the person and we ended up having a great talk about the presentation afterwards.

Unfortunately not all tweets bore the tag #IE10 (sadly including my own), so you'll probably get even more tweets in there if you search for Eric Reiss or @elreiss. His presentation has created quite a bit of "twittering"! - also RTs and mentions in the last 15 hours.

Peter Richards said...

Kurt, I will start planning my trip now.

Ole, I am reading your the tweets right now. I truly believe that the communication power of twitter and its use as an extensive professional information source is greatly underestimated. For me, it has opened up a wider world of professional contact and great information resources in a relatively short space of time.