Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video Snipits from Two IntraTeam 2010 Keynotes

After a little confusion regarding the year my previous posts videos were produced, I am pleased to advise that the following videos are definitely from this years IntraTeam 2010 event. I have only embedded 2 videos this time and they just happen to be from two of my favorite Intranet thought leaders (Jane is my absolute favorite but don't tell James). For anyone not familiar with Jane and James, read my previous post that includes a short bio on both.

Future Intranet for New Ways of Working - Jane McConnell NetJMC

Future Intranet 2015 James Robertson

Thanks to @KurtKragh and the crew at @IntraTeam for putting together the successful 2010 event and for giving those of us who were not able to attend such a rich selection of information from Intrateam 2010

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