Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Addicted to Alltop

I have been using Alltop for a few months now and find that it has become one of the few site that I religiously visit every day.

Alltop is a Internet information aggregator that gathers together loads of news and information about specific topics in one place. It is described as being a "digital magazine rack" of the internet. You can search on a specific topic and are presented with an extensive list of information from hundreds of Internet sites about that topic. Everything from politics (US of course) to surfing to shoes. The list of topics aggregated grows daily. Unfortunately as yet there is no topic covering Intranet but I am sure one will come over time.

When you view a topic it provides a couple of suggestions for additional topics that might interest you. One thing I found very funny is that when you view the topic of Australia it suggests that you might also be interested in the additional topics of Beer and Rugby. They certainly seem to have Australian popular culture accurately summed up.

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