Thursday, October 16, 2008

Intranets Live - The world’s first intranet media channel

Checking my Twitter streams this morning I noticed and interesting overnight tweet from intranetwatch about Intranets Live. To quote "Intranets Live is a new online programme that will bring the world’s best intranets live to the desktops of intranet managers around the globe".

The Intranets Live Site states "Intranets Live, the world’s first intranet media channel - unmissable for anyone interested in intranets, portals and information workplaces"

The first Intranets Live world wide virtual forum is due to take place on November 4, and free guest passes are available for programme 1 (see the site for details).

I have submitted a registration request and am awaiting for it to be processed so I really do not have much more information however it does sound interesting.

Will keep you posted as I find out more about this.

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