Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More of the same please

I live in Cronulla, a beach suburb in the south of Sydney Australia and have been a keen surfer for more years than I like to remember. We have been suffering from a prolonged flat spell for many weeks. It gets very disheartening to rise before dawn intent on getting some early waves only to discover that the effort has been wasted due to a lack of swell. Well Saturday broke the drought and my friends and I enjoyed a long morning session of fabulous 4 to 5 foot waves. Its been so long and we were all keen to repeat the effort on Sunday morning only to find that the swell had once again dropped to disappointing 1 foot. I am sure the waves will return sometime and at least we have had one day of great surfing in the past 8 weeks.

This is how I like to see it.

It can still look fabulous even if it is too small to ride.

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