Monday, October 13, 2008

SharePoint - Tell Me The Truth

I spoke last week at the ark group's "Advancing Effective Use and Management of Intranets in the Public Sector" conference (quite the mouthful) and heard from many people in various sections of the public service. Many attendees mentioned they were going to implement SharePoint specifically for the collaboration functionality, however few seemed to have concrete ideas as to how this is to be done, why they are doing it, how it would be managed and what benefits (if any) they could expect.

My advice to anyone fostering the idea of going down the SharePoint path is to learn as much as possible from Michael Sampson. I have spent a little time with Michael as well as heard him present on SharePoint and so far have not met anyone as knowledgeable with the product, its advantages, its features as well as its flaws and limitations. Michael has no barrow to push as far as MicroSoft goes and I find his information and advise unbiased and helpful. So for anyone toying with the SharePoint solution, subscribe to Working with People You Can't Be With and purchase his excellent book Seamless Teamwork to reap the benefit of Michaels experience.

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Unknown said...

Hey Peter, thanks for the vote of confidence! Looking forward to reading your blog going forward.

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