Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three ways to update the staff directory

James Robertson from Step Two Designs has published an article on methods of keeping your staff directory up to date.

"Internal phone directories and staff directories are only useful if the details in them are complete and accurate. This is not easy, and a mix of approaches will be needed. In general, there are three ways of keeping staff directories up to date:
  • centralised updates
  • self-service updating
  • integration with other systems"
Ensuring the accuracy of the Staff Directory is very important in our organisation but due to the large number of staff and the high attrition rate we have with casual hospitality workers I know there are many amongst over 12,000 records that are incorrect. Our Intranet staff directory gets over 40,000 hits a month and is the most used tool on our site, so in our case it is worth putting some time and effort into ensuring its accuracy. We currently use 2 of the methods James describes and are working towards a full intergration with the pay system in an effort to improve accuracy and reduce the maintenance requirement.
Check out the full article here.

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