Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Urban Legend of Corporate Intranets

I just read an interesting article in Design Mind online magazine from frogdesign that outlines some of the myths about corporate intranets. I certainly recognised a few truths from my own corporate experience and I am sure anyone who has been working with Intranets for some time will have come into contact with people who believe that all the businesses problems can be solved with the latest software or technology. This article was discovered via twitter thanks to intranetwatch.

"Case studies that tout Facebook as a successful corporate Intranet are a variation on the Intranet Business Urban Legends (BUL). In this version, the marketing and sales teams become best friends when both groups realize a common love of golf and baby animals. A bit older is the legend that a wiki will stop information hoarding, as everyone moves to swap secrets about key client relationships and brownie recipes. Or one of the original myths: an effective content management system will turn everyone into articulate and succinct writers."

Click Here for the full article.

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